Great Places To Visit

Dublin is a great historical city with many ancient sites in the city itself and within easy travelling distance. From Viking times through the Medieval period to the the struggle for independence there are numerous monuments, landmarks and buildings to be explored. There are lots of museums, exhibitions, guided tours and walks to choose from.

Five Dublin Sights Not To Be Missed

These are Five Dublin Sights Not To Be Missed on your next visit to the city. The 16th century institution of Trinity College is one of Dublin city centre’s best known landmarks. When you walk inside the front gates the first thing you see is the Front Square, with the Chapel and Read More

Worth Seeing Near Dublin

Just 48 kilometres outside Dublin, Glendalough is the perfect day trip destination for the visitor and is definitely one of the best places worth seeing near Dublin. There has been a settlement here since about 500 AD, when St. Kevin founded a monastery here with seven enchanting Read More