Good Affordable Places To Eat in Dublin

If you do not want to spend a lot on an expensive meal in Dublin, there are numerous cheap Dublin restaurants all around the city.

Inexpensive restaurants of all nationalities can be found all around the city centre and whether you prefer Irish, American, Indian Chinese, Thai or almost any nationality you will find something to satisfy your taste.

cheap dublin restaurants - Beshoffs

Beshoff Fish and Chips

If you like fish and chips, then you must call to Beshoffs in O’Connell Street. This restaurant has been in existence since the beginning of the twentieth century and the seating area upstairs has not changed much since the beginning. Neither has the quality of their fish and chips which are cooked from fresh ingredients only. Your meal can be eaten on the premises or taken away. This is one of the few traditional style fish and chippers left in the city.

People return time and time again to Jimmy Chungs Chinese restaurant because of the quality of the food, the range of dishes on the menu and the very good value offered. It is located on Eden Quay in the city centre. It is one of those ‘Eat as much as you want’ restaurants where people think the can fill themselves up for a day but find that they are ‘stuffed’ after the second plate.

Pizzas of varying quality and taste can be found anywhere in the city. These include all the famous brand names which are acceptable but for a really good pizza I would go to Drumcondra to The Independent Pizza Company. Here you get a very big meal on a very good base with lots of tasty toppings to choose from.

Other Cheap Dublin Restaurants

In Temple Bar, I came across an unusual but very popular restaurant called the Mongolian BBQ. Here you select your own ingredients (meat, vegetables, spices, sauces), put them in a bowl and have them fried on a hot griddle while you wait. After about three or four minutes your meal is ready and when you have eaten it you can start again. The food is really tasty and this place is well worth a visit.

One of my favourite cuisines is Indian and there are numerous possibilities of sampling  their food throughout the city. Of the ten or so Indian restaurants I have eaten in my favourite has to be The Afsana. This is located in the Temple Bar area of the city and I like it because the food is always of the same high standard and there is a great variety on the menu. As well as that, they always serve good size portions and it is not too expensive.

Thai cuisine is not yet so well known in Ireland and many people fear that it may be too hot and spicy for their taste. However, although many dishes are quite hot, there are also many delicate flavours based on coconut, lemongrass, galangal and other herbs and spices. The menus in Thai restaurants usually indicate clearly the hotness of each dish. The Thai Orchid on Westmoreland Street is no exception and this restaurant serves a wide range of authentic Thai dishes.

As well as the ethnic restaurants, the city has all the usual fast food outlets like McDonalds and Burger King as well as other international names like Captain Americas and Eddie Rockets so visitors to Dublin will never go hungry.